Customer Questions and Answers

On this page we will publish any questions and and answers we receive from our customers about our products (with their permission of course).  If you would like any information on our products please get in touch.  We’ll post the replies on this page!

PAYG or Contract SIM for Alpha GSM Gate Opener

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7 thoughts on “Customer Questions and Answers

  1. Bill

    Hi There
    I like many of your customers are using your device with my 8 zone alarm system now for over a year with great success, I was wondering if you could take it to the next level and be able to connect the closed loop from each zone through the device which would send me a text to say which zone had operated zone 1, 2, or 3 etc etc.
    The ultimate for me would be a board with an ethernet port where I could login to my alarm system with my pc, smart phone or iPad and check what the system status is and reset it, there seems to be a shortage of this type of add on device on the market maybe you could produce one.

    Regards Bill

  2. Harvi

    Hi, I recently purchased the Honeywell ADE Accenta/Optima Gen4 G4 GSM Alarm dialer SMS Text Email Sender Alert…

    I have many questions which I hope you’ll be able to answer or clear up for me.

    1) if the mini g4 alarm panel is using 2 programs, I’ve found the ‘set’ command on its own does not work. It sends the sequence but the panel is then expecting me to select a program. I’ve got around this by sending ‘set’ then ‘key p1’ and then ‘key s’. With these 3 commands I can set the alarm on the desired program, but I was wondering if there is an easier way to do it?

    2) I customised the Message1H and Message1L, it accepted the changes, but when testing, it doesn’t text me when the alarm is sounding and when it’s stopped… any ideas what could be the issue here?

    3) I also customised the ‘set’ and ‘unset’ messages, both messages work when the alarm has not been triggered, but if the alarm is set off, I don’t get the unset text when I deactivate the alarm. Is this the expected behaviour?

    4) the RSMS and PSMS commands fail to set on this device, is this the expected behaviour?

    5) I’ve setup the APN settings for email, but I’m unsure about making the server connection. As the sim in use is PAYG it doesn’t have much of a data plan so will the 3g always be connected if enabled, or just as and when an alert is triggered?

    I think that’s enough to work through for now, thanks.

  3. Bmwcs

    Hi we have a button on our intercom that has lost its ‘springiness’ and won’t activate the device. Do you offer a button assembly to allow for a repair?


    Birmingham City Council


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